Having a Septic System Means Care

Learn how your septic tank works and how to maintain a healthy drain field.

There are many types of home sewer systems, knowing how to maintain your system can help you to avoid high costs later.

Many homeowners are now realising the importance of maintaining their septic systems.  Years ago, they would rather have forgotten there was waste water treatment centre buried in their back yards.  Many never even knew where their septic tank was!  It is important to pump your system every two to five years depending on the number of occupants,  modern day, effluent filters are used in the outflow pipe to prevent particles of solid matter from clogging the septic field.  With regular pumping and the effluent filter, it could extend the life of an older field and certainly add many more years to a new one. We can help with modifying an existing older septic tank with an effluent filter, ask us how today!  250-768-0056


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