Designing and Installing Your Septic System


The Onsite Waste Water Treatment System Designing:

Starts with evaluating site conditions.  This includes soil testing to determine soil types and also the hydraulic capacity of the soil in the determined area.  There are many variables to consider, and the septic system design is determined by the soil type, site challIMG_0134enges including water bodies, site space, regulations, easements, covenants and much more.    To evaluate a proper estimate of cost we must first conduct a series of small excavations or test pits, in these test pits we determine all of the soil horizons which can give us in depth information about the site.  We log this information and make evaluations based on this information.  Perculation and permiameter testing may also be done to help determine the hydraulic capacity of the soil.

During the septic designing phase the right waste water system for the site is determined, and this will value the septic tank volume required and field size requirments.  Things that help determine the field sizing and type of treatment system needed is: soil tpes, lot space, stucture size, amount of bedrooms, amount of bathrooms, finished basement, fixture types, amount of occupants and more.

Estimated Costs:

Are determined by the septic system design and site challenges.  This is always discussed with our customers as there is always a lot of input.  There is a wide range of pricing due to each property’s differences and with their own sets of challenges, daily flow is calculated based on each variable in the home.  A quick discussion will determine the right requirments to provide an estimated cost.  Afterall this is a big investment for the homeowner, and we are all about communication.  There are too many variables in an onsite sewage treatment system to simply pitch a few number over the phone.

There are never any surprises with additional billing on the final invoice.  Along the way we can be met with unforseen circumstances and when we’re dealing with things we can’t see underground, communication is the key between us as the septic system installers and the homeowner.

The Onsite Waste Water System Installation:

Starts when the proper septic system design is determined with the information gathered from the soil testing, topography and the site challenges, homeIMG_0239IMG_0436owner’s considerations and of course approval from the health authority.  We do our best to work around our customer’s timeline for an intallation of the onsite waste water system.  The time it takes to install a system will vary as each site is different, and hosts it’s own challenges.